Towing Bar 2 Ton

The sturdy ACA Towing Bar enables safe and secure towing.
The ACA Towing Bar breaks down into 3 pieces for easier storage.


When using a conventional tow rope or chain the driver of the towed car must constantly prevent too much slack from developing. An example of this is when a towed car stops too close behind the towing car at a stop street, and this then creates too much slack in the tow rope or chain between the cars. Thus, when the towing car drives off again, the slack is quickly taken up and causes the towed car to lunge or jerk forwards unnaturally. This places great strain on the tow rope or chain as well as on the vehicle structures. The benefits of a towing bar is that there is no slack in the connection between the vehicles ensuring the towed vehicle does not run into the back of the towing vehicle.

A real issue with some modern cars is that their brakes no longer function once the car engine is switched off, this then leaves the tow bar as the only towing option.

Take note you will need tow hooks on both vehicles as this unit does not hook onto a standard tow bar.

What’s in the box
1 x ACA Towing Bar




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